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Value added services

We aim to act as an indispensable partner to our clients by helping them build and maximize sustainable competitive advantages, through helping them get their products to market quickly, efficiently, and safely for full or part loads and for both import and export services
Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Shipment

For a company that has freight too big to be parcel and too small for a full truckload, under 8,000 kgs and does not need a full truck, this is the service to use.
Customers who choose to ship LTL are going to experience the sense of support and security during the whole process. ENCO’s personnel, operations specialists, and drivers will take note of special handling needs for all shipments your and ensure it is delivered safely and on-time. LTL shipments are also easily trackable, and updates are made all throughout the transportation process.
Being always prepared for the worst, our coverages and dedicated insurance handling department, will offer all information needed for insurance claims or replacement products if an issue were to occur.

Advantages of LTL Freight
• Cost Effective
- You are not using a whole truck, you do not have to pay for the unused space.
• Eco-friendly
- Shippers sharing the space of one truck means less trucks on the road, which mean less pollution in the air.

Full Truckload (FTL) Shipment

FTL refers to full truckload freight. FTL shipping is commonly used for large shipments that require taking up the entire truck. With FTL, your freight is the only freight moving on an individual truck so you have exclusivity to the entire truck.
ENCO, through our highly capable network, guarantees collection of your goods throughout Europe at short notice, with many benefits for your company.
Large Shipments: FTL shipping is the perfect choice when it comes to sending bulk items. This way, you get to keep all the available space exclusive for you and your business.
Faster Delivery: As the delivery does not involve switching trucks throughout the transfer, the freight can be sent in a time-efficient manner to the destination. These fast and reliable FTL logistics shipments are perfect for when it comes to answering unusually high demands for shipment, like festive seasons or seasonal rushes.
High-Risk or Fragile Shipments: It is our modus operandi to pay complete attention to the details when it comes to the loading and unloading of all freights. Your goods are in safe hands.
Consistent Transportation: When you have exclusively booked space in a vehicle, there is no switching or repacking involved in the entire transfer. From the source to the destination, the shipment remains in the same truck, without changing hands or housing.

Cross Docking

Cross-docking services involve the transfer of goods from an inbound carrier to an outbound carrier with minimal to no warehousing and material handling.
Once these goods arrive at our cross-dock facilities, they are quickly sorted and shipped directly to the destination.

Cross-docking services can be used for:
• Fluctuations in Demand
• Shipping Time-Sensitive Items
• Incoming Loads from Multiple Suppliers
• Shipping Overweight Cargo
Your company benefits through:
• High Product Turnover Rates
• Reduced Storage & Labor Costs
• Minimized Product-Related Risks
• Increased Customer Satisfaction

Cross-docking by ENCO

• Cost efficient
• No delays
• Competent & reliable

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Dangerous Goods Cargo

Is your cargo categorized as dangerous?
Fear not, ENCO is on the job Dangerous goods (DG) pose a particularly high risk when transported, especially in large quantities.

They can be explosive, flammable, toxic, radioactive, or corrosive and harmful character to the environment.
According to UN statistics, dangerous goods account for about 50% of the world's total cargo turnover.
Our specialists develop optimal delivery routes taking into account cargo characteristics and ensure compliance with legal, technical and sanitary regulations, offering a customized pricing policy while maintaining a high level of services, even for DG Cargo.

Hang Apparel Specialization

The apparel market size in Europe was $532.8bn in 2021 and will expand with a CAGR of more than 8% until to 2025.

ENCO, having seen the need for road transport of this increasingly demanding and expanding market, offers specialized services for transportation of hung apparel cargo.
Our personnel with its many years of experience can offer your company custom-made solutions, for your most demanding needs.
Safely, timely and cost-efficiently.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is considered one of the biggest challenges for many companies.

The biggest costs are business interruption, loss of sales and reputational damage.
Contact our reverse logistics team to receive your bespoke quote, taking the first step to better customer outcomes, reduction in storage/distribution costs, saving money and maximizing your sustainability footprint.
ENCO’s experts know what it takes to your company uphold commitments to customers and strategic partners, offering you ease of scalability, freeing your sales, operations and after-sales teams to manage their day-to-day responsibilities, free of this burden

Pick and choose among our services

Our global team of warehousing and distribution experts can help you to configure best kit of value added services in accordance to your needs and include them as part of our value proposition. You can approach them by direct contacting your Enco representative.